BlurtMime: Articulatory Phonetics using hidden Markov Processes
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This app uses a hidden Markov Processes each for forming vowels and constants in a theoretical oral cavity - ie tongue, lips, palette. The algorithim starts with a random formant and performs a few gradual deformations to fill out syllables. A syllable can have 3 to 5 formants, then another syllable is started with some other random formant. Navigate to the Details page for more information.

This application was originally a lame attempt to create ethnic sounding DnD character names....

5 syllables: [ plato-frica nback-opn rtflx-aprox platl-lfric ] [ velar-laprx cntl-clos platl-lflap rtflx-laprx ] [ plato-lfric alvlr-aprox nfrnt-nclos dentl-frica ] [ ldntl-plsiv bilab-nasal nfrnt-mopn bilab-nasal ] [ ldntl-plsiv cntl-nopn dentl-frica alvlr-aprox ]

IPA symbology: ʒäɻʎ̥ ʟɨʎ̯ɭ ɬɹʏθ p̪mœm p̪æθɹ

Synthesize in your browser using meSpeak and Itinerarium's IPA substitution rules: